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Dear visitor,

Selamat Datang. This is the common greeting we use to welcome our guests and visitors. One behalf of Bantenese we welcome you to Banten's tourist destination of Indonesia. Banten lies on the western most Java island, border on Jakarta the capital city of Indonesia and only three hour drive from Jakarta is the strategic located. This province have various object and attraction will amaze you with incredible experiences we have to over. Don't miss the white sand and rocky beaches in southern Banten natural beach, enjoy the glorious of Banten in old Banten remain with various ancient archeological sites, and the colored by local traditional heritage that they share through colorful festival, dance, art and craft. Banten offer relatively undiscovered sport for visitors to explore, a part of world natural conservation, Ujung kulon national park, famous Krakatoa volcano, Baduy traditional society, Panaitan island surfing, and much more, let you take the different adventures, indeed, whatever your interest Banten has thing to offer as well. is -
marketing by tour operator of java rhino ecotour and support by Department tourism art and culture, Ujung kulon national park and WWF Ujung kulon which is provided update package and information including handle FIT and volume group travel business with regular and specialized quality program most of the tourist who visit to Krakatau volcano, ujung kulon national park (world heritage site) Baduy tribe and Panaitan island surfing.

No visit to Indonesia can be complete without a visit to Krakatau the volcano that shook the world simply 125 years ego. Your visit will be adventure tourism, starting with 1;30 hour boat trip to Krakatau departing from Carita beach. As you visit the island I hope that you will recall the might eruption of 1883 which, at the expense of thousand of dead, led to the condition which are of such interest to both scientists and tourist today. Please treat the delicate islands ecosystem with care, so that it may continues to bring interest to other visitors and in this way serve as a memorial to that great human tragedy century ago As one of the major local tour operator, we could assure you to provided professional way of service with highly experienced of guidance, update information and also reasonable prices because we know our land better, please feel free to contact us for furthermore information regarding day by day program, hotel and other information you might needed. And if you don't find the program as you mentioned, please write your request and we could design the program together. -

Have a nice trip with Java Rhino Ecotour
Tour Destination At Jakarta
We serve better, We know our land

Java Rhino (Black Rhino) Ecotour Information Centre founded in 1993 is recognized as the one of the pioneers and most established organizations in the tourism industry at Carita bay beach in Banten province on western most Java island and only three hours from Jakarta the capital of Indonesia as the main gate to explore Krakatau volcano, Ujung kulon national park, Baduy tribe and surrounding, all Java Rhino team has licensed guide from the Government and also registered in INDONESIAN TOUR GUIDE ASSOCIATION. Java Rhino or Black Rhino has been at guide book "lonely Planet" and "Rough guide book" since 1993 year ego until today, offer you better the tour to INDONESIA starting from the first step you arrive, especially to Krakatau, Ujung kulon, Baduy tribe, dan Panaitan island, we have spent most of our life as field guides at the active volcanic mountain of Krakatau or westerns Krakatoa, with this years experiences also we are growing up in the field as jungle, volcanic mountain and surfing expert, which know well about the adventures spot and supported by our impressive and solid background of the team with depth and breadth of knowledge and experiences.

Our team Work is fully operated by a team of young, energetic people who are fanatical about keeping in touch, while sharing the natural and cultural all of about Indonesia and also we have team is already experience adventures we do make serve better to all of our Client, and Our adventure tour packages are carefully designed with the big consideration of the safety and the impact to the environment we visit including building awareness of ecotourism, we also would like to help our clients to plan and designing personalized itineraries for explored Krakatau volcano, observe magnificent rain forest and his wildlife at Ujung kulon national park, explore local Baduy tribe, snorkeling, surfing and many to offer, as we are one of entire area. Surely we are the winner of the best solution. just simply choose from our tour package for suitable destinations and main interests an contact us further question, day to day itineraries and our reasonable price also any information you need to know about our tours, what you would most like to do and see and we prepare itineraries for you to consider, we will really glad to make individual offer. and be sure that our team will give you quick assistance.

"Paddling the Cigenter River at Ujung Kulon Nationa Park was an unbelievably fantastic experience. It's remarkably peaceful and lovely here, yet full of primeval, Jurassic Park stuff rain forest and trees that have fallen into the river. The rich colors of the place are so beautiful, and the strong tropical sun creates great pools of mottled light on the river's surface."

We'd just gotten out of the jungle of Ujung Kulon and were sailing across the Sunda Strait to Krakatoa volcano on the left is Anak Krakatau the new volcano that continues to grow from ongoing volcanic activity. Here, we still on the boat and opposite the volcano had about 1-2 kilometers 1. miles) to go before we reached the land" This was our first real view of Anak Krakatau. The other islands, which are also remnants of the original Krakatoa volcano, are quite high, so when traveling from the South, you can't see the center cone until you're past Rakata Island. The mass to the left is another remnant, Sertung Island, which helps you appreciate how enormous the original eruption must have been. Don't mist Ujung Kulon And Krakatoa by Java Rhino Ecotour Michael, Simon, York (Australian 2008).

See You At Krakatau,

Java Rhino Teams


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